Paul Berman

Rubrik: Feuilletons - 15 Presseschau-Absätze
Feuilletons 28.05.2010 […] (Via 3 quarks daily) Christopher Hitchens bespricht im Tablet Magazine Paul Bermans neues Buch "Flight of the intellectual" über Tariq Ramadan und die Kapitulation der westlichen Öffentlichkeit vor islamischen Fundamentalisten seit der Fatwa gegen Rushdie. Dabei fällt Hitchens auf: "Most of the fascist parties of Europe have much in common with their extreme Muslim antagonists. They are generally opposed […] opposed to the Western resistance to al Qaeda and its allies in Iraq and Afghanistan. And they are without exception grounded in the tradition of European anti-Semitism. I join with Paul Berman in expressing utter astonishment at this phenomenon, or rather at the way that it is not a phenomenon. Anti-Jewish propaganda, paranoia, and even incitement are now commonplace, at events like anti-war demo […]