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Feuilletons 27.12.2013 […] Uttering his name is in itself a political act. Perry Link, an eminent American China scholar long blacklisted from re-entering the country, writes that academic colleagues do not mention Mr Liu for fear of jeopardising their ability to work in China. As our Banyan columnist points out in this week's print edition, his name has moved far down the list of talking-points for visiting Western leaders […] Ein paar ganz einfache Wahrheiten über China und seine Freunde im Westen sagt G.E. im Analects-Blog des Economist: "Mr Liu Xiaobo was arrested five years ago this week, and he was sentenced four years ago this month. He has not been heard from directly since. At the ceremony awarding him the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize (pictured) his absence was marked by the empty chair he should have been sitting in. […]