Gordon Parks

The Atmosphere of Crime, 1957

Cover: The Atmosphere of Crime, 1957
Steidl Verlag, Göttingen 2020
ISBN 9783958296961
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When Life magazine asked Gordon Parks to illustrate a recurring series of articles on crime in the United States in 1957, he had already been a staff photographer for nearly a decade, the first African American to hold this position. Parks embarked on a six-week journey that took him and a reporter to the streets of New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Unlike much of his prior work, the images made were in color. The resulting eight-page photo-essay "The Atmosphere of Crime" was noteworthy not only for its bold aesthetic sophistication, but also for how it challenged stereotypes about criminality then pervasive in the mainstream media. They provided a richly-hued, cinematic portrayal of a largely hidden world: that of violence, police work and incarceration, seen with empathy and candor.

Im Perlentaucher: Die Nonchalance der linken Hand

In "The Atmosphere of Crime" geht Parks allerdings außergewöhnlich skrupulös vor. Er zeigt kein Verbrechen, aber er zeigt auch keine Verbrecher. Er zeigt Armut und Drogenelend, aus dem Kriminalität hervorgeht, und er zeigt Menschen, die von der Polizei verdächtigt, verhaftet und verhört werden. Es ist die Polizei, die das Geschehen und die Taten definiert. https://www.perlentaucher.de/mord-und-ratschlag/kritiken-zu-gordon-parks-fotoband-the-atmosphere-of-crime-und-den-harlem-romanen-von-chester-himes.html