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9punkt 19.10.2016 […] Kwame Anthony Appiah, dem der Guardian einen "mixed race background" bescheinigt, den Begriff der Rasse - jedenfalls wie er derzeit gebraucht wird, als Bestätigung oder gar Konstituierung der eigenen Identität, berichtet im Guardian Hannah Ellis-Petersen. "'The way that we talk about race today is just incoherent,' he says. 'The thing about race is that it is a form of identity that is meant to apply […] but for Appiah it is essential to voice it. Despite growing up mixed-race and gay in Ghana, then moving to the UK aged 11, Appiah says these supposedly conflicting aspects of his identity were never a problem for him until he moved to the US. As a student at Yale in his early 20s, others began to define him entirely by his race, and even questioned whether having a white mother made him 'really black' […]