The Line

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Efeu 29.07.2016 […] Im Guardian ist Phil Hoad sehr traurig: Kein wirklich böser Hollywood-Bösewicht mehr nirgends, egal in welchen Film man geht: "The line between hero and villain is now a hair's breadth: Bond and Bourne are tormented or morally compromised, and Superman, under Zack Snyder's tutelage, commits murder; meanwhile 'Despicable Me' meanie Felonius Gru, not content with adopting three cute orphans, has in real […] real life unleashed the Minions on a planet's worth of besotted children - surely the most grotesque interpretation of world domination imaginable. Perhaps this blurring of the lines is why, with Iron Man and co spending half their time fighting each other, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has such a patchy record in the malefactor department. To quote someone who knows, we now live in the era of the […]