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Feuilletons 12.04.2013 […] publisher designs has a naked cartoon torso against a pink background with a camera covering the genitalia. I tell them it's usually my eye behind the camera, not my vagina." Der 1939 geborene Tim Waterstone, einer der erfolgreichsten Buchhändler im UK, hat in den letzten Jahren nicht nur mehrere Bücher geschrieben und Risikokapital verteilt, er beteiligt sich außerdem, berichtet John Harris im Guardian […] subscription - 'a few pounds' - and have unlimited access to texts of around 9,000 words or under. But this is no literary Spotify, offering hundreds of thousands of items with little quality control: Waterstone is insistent the service will be 'curated' to ensure a high standard. Authors will have appeared in traditional print, and have been brought to Read Petite by a publisher." Noch steht das Urteil […]