Whitechapel Gallery

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Efeu 26.02.2014 […] In der London Review of Books steht Anne Wagner vor den Bildern der Hannah-Höch-Ausstellung in der Whitechapel Gallery und stellt fest, dass sich die deutsche Künstlerin dieselbe Frage gestellt hat wie sie: ""What does a woman want?" I still remember my first encounter with the question Freud put to Marie Bonaparte in 1925, just as I recall my inability to stomach its aggressive and mystifying tone […] tone. Years have passed since then, and with them many Hannah Höch exhibitions, yet it has taken the riveting new retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery - her first ever exhibition in London (until 23 March) - to make me realise that Freud"s question was hers too. But for Höch, the "woman question" was above all a social circumstance, something actively shaped by time and place. This is why, as the […]